P Moses Artivist

With Project Pat and Bone Crusher on mixtapes, she solidified herself as one who could hold her own as a woman by receiving salutations from Killer Mike and DJ Drama. P. Moses created a feminist mixtape movement entitled Pimpin Pretty Vol. one and two. She intends to take Hip-Hop back to the streets, to the level of when an artist has something to say — everyone hears it. She says, “ When people are speaking and no one listens, then a lot of
time, breath, and energy is wasted. Life is too short for nonsense, That’s what I said, That’s what it is!” Nominated by the Southern Entertainment Awards as the best female mixtape artist, P. Moses has put work in, on the streets, and received a Ph.D. from the penitentiary. In , she released her political single “Is it Because I’m Black” blessed with Syl Johnson’s original music on the hook. Her recent single “I Still Bleed” was filmed at the historical Peabody hotel and debuted at the National Civil Rights Museum. Fueled by coercion, intimidation, and the continual attempt to silence her, she has been persecuted for making comments on Facebook that were protected speech. While incarcerated, she rapped to the inmates, who encouraged her to continue and gained a diverse audience and fanbase. Her music is for the broken ones, and in each song, she seeks to fix a problem. After being falsely indicted in Tow Thousand Fourteen, and falsely imprisoned in Tow thousand fifteen, via a five hundred thousand bond by a racist judiciary, she founded “Black Lives Matter Memphis  She intends to continue to pave the way for genuine artists to promote liberation, justice, and equality by illustrating there is more to Memphis rappers than the current ratchet narrative of street music. She runs her label and publishing company Let It B Known Records.

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